The Phluid Project thrives on community. We started this endeavor striving to be more than a store or a brand. We wanted to give people the freedom and inspiration to be their most authentic selves. Since we opened our doors on March 1st, we've been overwhelmed with the response. Here’s a chance to hear it straight from our community.

So happy to learn about you.  The past several years have spiraled into total insanity in terms of clothing for children.  My five year old son wants to be a girl because those are the clothes he likes. It’s so stupid that tiny little kids are forced into gender roles.” - Mom of a transgender child via Facebook.”

Mom of a transgender child via Facebook

Was just walking around with a friend on a vacation in NYC and saw this store. I had to go in and literally had goosebumps. Like finally, a place to shop that’s open, gender free and doesn’t make me feel weird for being who I am. Thanks for the acceptance and love! Love the colognes/perfumes they carry and the shirts are awesome.”

Mara Von

The Phluid Project was a unique and uplifting shopping experience. It was so refreshing to explore the entire store, not just the typical “women’s section”. The staff was vibrant and helpful and the apparel ranged in styles like the ranges of my many moods. From dark to light, sexy to sporty. There is a special kind of magic in the air there! I’ll be back soon.

Margy Tomsy

I am celebrating by being present at The Phluid Project: A gender-free store and community center in NYC, I've come to find myself flowing in here simply to recharge moment to moment throughout my busy Manhattan day. It's a safe space where all individuals to explore themselves, to express their needs and desires openly, and to embrace the challenges of today - together.

Leo Rising on Facebook

Walking into Phluid, today, I confess to being captivated by several elegant, timeless, sophisticated pieces...styled to perfection. LOVED the efforts of their chic staff to engage me and the energy of mindful kindness and desire to MAKE MY DAY!   Bravo Rob Smith for this BRILLIANT, timely concept and thank you for understanding what is truly missing in the retail landscape. PHLUID IS A GEM.

Andi Fenster on Google