Let’s learn together

Creating community is what Phluid is all about. Instead of creating a daunting resource page, we’ve created a well rounded experience. Dive in, learn something new, find a new passion, maybe have a laugh. Enjoy resources by the community, for the community.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out. We always answer, 24/7.


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Contact any of the resources below to get the support and resources you need



Representation is important, especially authentic representation. Take a look at some videos focused on LGBTQ+ stories.


Take a listen to our Spotify playlist - curated with music all by LGBQT+ artists. Sing at the top of your lungs and dance like nobody is watching. Are we missing someone? Send us a note! We are learning and growing just like you.


Reading is what? Fundamental! It’s important to stay up to date and educated, but also reading is fun! Take a look at our list of articles, books, and fun reads to pass the time away.

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Below is a list of resources to give you help in any way you need: whether it is health information, information about sex, or just someone to talk too. Click on the box that fancies you and learn!