It takes a village - the voices of many coming together to sing a song in unison can send waves and change the ways of the world. That is the vision of The Phluid Project - to create a safe space for the TLGBQIA+ community to shop, share, and love and a place for allies to learn, to thrive, and to grow.

The Phluid Project has dreams to spread our mantra around the world, starting by domestic expansion and ultimately opening flagship stores internationally over the next few years. We want to be the charge in creating a world community. In a time where connection is key to the survival of many, the more connections we can make, the stronger we can all become.

We partnered with Republic to allow our community to invest in The Phluid Project. Republic is VC startup working to democratize investing, focusing on diversity and mission driven ventures. We have partnered to create a crowdfunding campaign. We are reaching to the masses to ask anyone to be apart of our growth - when you give, we give back. Please enjoy the video above and follow the link to Republic to learn more about the expected growth of The Phluid Project and the investment opportunities available.