Here are just a few answers to questions that might be on your mind.

If you have other inquires, please reach out.


What is your shipping policy?

All orders are shipped within 48 hours of receipt. You will be notified by email when the order has left our store and is on its way to you.

What is your return and exchange policy?

Send us an email (support@thephluidproject.com) with your Order Number in it and what you’d like to do: try a new size, get a different color, return the items, or whatever.

We’re here to help, but please keep in mind:

  • All items must be brand new, unworn, unwashed and in original condition

  • All items must be returned to The Phluid Project within 30 days of the ship date

  • Original shipping charges are not refundable

  • Order invoice must be included in return package

Please note that you are responsible for the cost of return shipping. Items purchased online can be returned to our store in New York City.

Do you ship internationally?

We sure do, just select the option when checking out. Please keep in mind that your package is traveling further and so, will be more expensive to ship and/or return.


What is the sizing of The Phluid Project clothes?

Fit and feel is important to us. So is ensuring that you love your clothing, and it helps you feel like your best you. With that, we removed traditional labels from our products, and instead use a numeric scale. Our sizing ranges from 00 to 6, and a 1 is close to a modern day medium in sizing.

What is the sizing of your clothes?

The Phluid Project aesthetic is a little bit like if streetwear fashion and everyday basics got together and created something super cute. 

Check out our Size Guide to find the fit and feel that you like best. Whether a tight fit or something a little breezy, it’s about what you like to see on your body. And that’s it.


What does ‘a gender-free store’ even mean?

To us, it’s everything. Within our shopping experience, either in-store or online, we are challenging the way in which retail currently works – by prompting the shopper to pick a side. Yeah, we’re over that gender breakdown situation.

We’re curious to know what retail could look like without that first part - just great products that promote self-expression and self-love, what then?

Through open minds and dialogues, The Phluid Project hopes to create spaces that all individuals feel comfortable expressing themselves in.

Is this a store for LGBTQA* people only?  

This is a store for everyone – it is a place for ideas and expression, for inspiration and activation. The Phluid Project is part of the queer community, and hopes to create spaces where all people, specifically young people, can explore self-expression, and challenge the boundaries that exist around us.

What does it mean to be a “safe space”?

The Phluid Project is a safe space, in-store and online. Intolerance of any kind will not be tolerated.

And while we respect and defend anyone’s right to free speech, The Phluid Project does not allow hatred of any kind in our space or towards those in our community. This is a firm policy of ours, and we reserve the right to remove any individual or organization that does not respect it.

I’m confused about pronouns; “they/them” trips me up sometimes.

All it takes is a little practice; you’re super smart - you got this. First off, rest assured – “they/them” pronouns are grammatically correct and included in the dictionary.

Second, consider the fact that you use *them* already, all the time – like we just did in that sentence.  A better example is if you’re at the beach and find a pair of sunglasses, you might say: “Look, someone left *their* sunglasses!”

Look at that, interacting with “they/them” pronouns is something you already do! Now, just add a little empathy to that practice, and you’ll be prepared to acknowledge any individual you may meet with consideration and care.  

What’s the word “queer” all about?

Contrary to historic uses, queer is not a negative word, but rather an all-encompassing phrase. Of course, like most words, if you mean to use it in a derogatory way, the word ‘queer’ can be hurtful. However, it’s commonly used as a term that can describe the different components of LGBTQA* culture and the identities of individuals within this community. It’s a great word that brings everyone together who may be having a shared experience around sexual or gender identity.

I want to be a fierce ally – where do I start?

First, yes! You’re on the right path with that thinking.

Next, an easy way to show your support is by honoring every individual, their identity, and pronouns. Consider your own identity and how that impacts the person you are. Now, consider how everyone around you has a connection to their identity. You can be a great ally to anyone by asking genuine questions and making room for them in your life.

Keep in mind, it’s not impolite to ask someone their name or pronoun, it is impolite to assume and get it wrong. We can all be better support systems for each other by challenging ourselves to learn new things.  

And when things go south, say you are in a group that makes a joke at the expense of an LGBTQA* person, or well – any person – stand up, speak up. Ensure you have a voice in the space, and can express that what is being said is uncomfortable and hurtful. Commit yourself to having these kinds of conversations, sharing your own path to this knowledge with those around you. Judgment free, open hearts and minds work the best for learning.