TRANS SEX ZINE Is Everything!

The world’s first gender-free store™. Through self-expression, The Phluid Project empowers individuals to explore identity.

One of our fave spaces to explore on the Internet is the wonderful world of Lit Mags + Zines. And today, we want to highlight a fave, for honest, real, creative conversations around the trans experience. 

TRANS SEX ZINE is a collaborative, ongoing sex ed project by and for trans and gnc folks that tells stories of sex, bodies, & desire. We think trans ppl of every age, identity, attraction, and relationship status are experts of our own experience and have valuable things to share with each other.

TRANS SEX ZINE is organized by: James DeWitt, Bobbi Gass, and Chandler Daily in Minneapolis, MN. Submissions from 11 contributors all over the world!