A.N Other Perfumes

A.N Other Perfumes


Floral by Nathalie Benareau: Designed by perfumer Nathalie Benareau, this fragrance works off a base of aged leather and musk combined with notes of jasmine, mate, and saffron. This exploration of light and dark aromas blends classic perfumery with a modern twist.

Fresh by Carlos Viñals: Inspired by classic gin cocktails, ginger, lavender and juniper make the heart of this fragrance, built on a base of amberwood and musk. Top notes of citrus zest and melon amp up the aroma for a lovely freshness.

Oriental by David Apel: This rich complex fragrance combines familiar aromas with those more exotic. Built upon a base of tonka and vanilla creme, the heart of the fragrance shines through with rich, warm notes of cannabis and myrrh. Citrus notes finish it off, making a complex and well balanced aroma.

  • 100mL

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